Malaga to Puerto Vallarta

After Rancho Mirage, we left for Málaga for 2 whole MONTHS. Fantastic as always. I took some Sp classes at nearby CILE Academia, a very small school right next door to the Cathedral and just 2 blocks from home. There were 3 students in my group and I loved them, as well as the grammar instructor, Pilar. Anna is from Poland, Francesco is from Sicily. We all bonded, even though their combined ages did not quite equal my own.

Steve, Ciccio, Pilar

Steve, Francesco, and Pilar

Hector traveled for a month in LatAm and I just practiced and pretended I was a Spaniard who speaks only rudimentary Spanish. We had a great little top floor flat with a small roof deck, in the center of town. Needless to say, I wanted to stay forever.  Made a few trips to nearby towns to visit friends. Discovered that Torremolinos is indeed the gay trash pit you’ve always heard it was.

After that we went to Carlos Ramirez’s graduation in Kentucky. Lots of attention as he was accepted to Columbia Univ in Manhattan. He and sister Vanessa have turned out to be such great people. They are so fortunate to have had the encouragement of their two uncles!

Then we did our usual month of June in Puerto Vallarta, staying as Casa Faro. It felt like home, as it always does. PV was beyond hot, no surprise, but seemed even more so this year. We enjoyed our beach club, and restaurants, and a fun visit from Tere and Martin over the 4th of July. Made a visit to the steamy Jardin Botanico, with lunch on the patio. Afternoon ride to snorkel at the arches and dinner at Ocean Grill, reachable only by boat.


Ocean Grill


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