Cortijo el Carligto

Nov 2015…


Cortijo el Carligto

While the boys went off to New York City, we graciously offered to dog and house sit for them for two weeks. Now, we’ve visited them here many times over the years but being up here alone is a different experience. It’s so quiet and removed, goat herds jangling in the distance, and at night so dark it’s best not to wander too close to the edge of their mountain.


Trufa and Reina

The Labs, Trufa and Reina, are a delight and love all the attention we give them. Trufa is getting a bit long in the tooth so we kept a special eye on her for the boys.  Best not to come home from vacation to find your dog dead.

Got nothing accomplished, except wandering around the place, pretending I own it.

Made it back to Málaga without killing any dogs.  Good weather, lots of sun.


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