Christmas on the Beach

Dec 2016…

We try to leave the country at Christmas as much as we can. Neither of us have family holiday expectations so it’s a pleasure to escape some of the American Christmas Race, with Thanksgiving as the starter pistol, and ending in a bloated heap at New Year’s.

There’s almost none of that in Vallarta, so we had the pleasure of staying at Casa Faro while Paco and Franck were home in Paris. This was first time we’d been during full-on high season and it’s a very different place than when we normally go. If you thought it was gay in June, well, in December it’s Palm Springs and Mykonos and Ibiza all rolled into one squirming, six-packed, oiled-up white party.


La Noche Bar

Our friends Kent and Bob joined us for a week and we proceeded to drag them to every seedy bar we could get into. Our local beach club, Mantamar, was reservation-only, but we snuck in with the help our regular waiters.

The weather was perfect, we snorkeled and beached and stayed out late but honestly, I prefer the off-season, when we can get into our restaurants and the cab drivers treat us like the VIPs we think we are…


Snorkeling at los Arcos

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