Hosting in Málaga

Oct 2016…

Since we never shut the hell up about Málaga, some of our friends have expressed interest in this place very few Americans have ever heard of. So we had to put up or shut up. We met John and Tom in Madrid, then trained down to Málaga, where we all stayed at the AC Palacio (90k Marriott points for 3 nights). We took them to all our hotspots- Glass Museum, the Alcazaba, Muelle Uno and they really had a good time.


Hector, Tom, John, me at the Glass Museum

After they left we went up to Carligto for a couple of nights, then had dinner with local friends Anna and Juan, then Mitch and Jerry, then AnnaCarin and Tomas Timgren. Jesus, I’m exhausted just remembering how popular we were.

After THAT, if you can believe it, Tere and Martin joined us for a week. We got a GREAT 2 bedroom apartment and ate and drank our way across the Costa del Sol. Back up to Carligto for a night, but also a lot of Málaga wine-drinking cafe-sitting tourist-watching. The usual.


me, Hector, Tere, Martin, our standard pose.

The four of us then left for Madrid for a night to meet the family Tere stayed with when she was a young exchange student. They were fun, stuffed us full of cheese and ham.


Madrid reunion

Hector and I flew home, hungover and exhausted. Tere and Martin stopped in New York to party that night for Halloween. What the fuck?


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